Owner Chef : Chujo Tomohito

1971 Born in Kagawa Pref.
Graduated from Tsuji culinary School and Institute in Abeno, Osaka

1989 Kitcho-Nakanoshima, Osaka
1999 French Okumura, Kyoto
2005 Le Pavillon des Boulvards (a star restaurant)
2007 Gion Takumi Okumura, Kyoto (Chef)
2017 Kakyo

Sake sommelier (1997)
Senior sommelier (2012)
Kyoto Expert Certification Grade 2 (2010)


Our restaurant on Sanjo-Jingu street is where you can find Japanese "seasons" concentrated over our Kaiseki (Japanese traditional cuisine) × French dishes with special wine and sake.
It’s our great pleasure to see you have special moments in our space with sense of season on dishes and feel free to ask of Kyoto. Thank you so much for visiting.

The Origin of the House Name

The name of our restaurant, "Kakyo", originates in the Japanese traditional Noh theater. The founding master, Zeami, wrote a book on acting Noh. He named his book "Kakyo".
The most important quote in Kakyo is "Do not forget the sprit with which you began", which is our motto.
What we are required is to continue to aim higher and to serve excellent dishes to our guests with the spirit of "Kakyo."